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Prime Features of Offset Printing Technique

Offset printing is one of the most commonly used printing techniques, especially in the commercial sector. In this technology, an inked image is transferred onto a rubber blanket from a plate, which is usually made of aluminum. That image is subsequently rolled and transferred onto a paper sheet. This method of printing is referred as an ‘offset’ method as the ink is never transferred directly onto paper. Few of the common applications of this technology include newspapers, brochures, books, magazines and stationary.

Offset printing is mostly used in the business and industrial sector, and therefore not many laymen have a proper idea of this technique. Here are few of the prime features of this technique, which has made it one of the popularly used processes:

An ‘offset’ method: As the ink is not directly placed onto the paper in this technique, a consistent high quality of output can be achieved over the entire length of the printing run. Many printing techniques face quality issues, such as smearing when the ink is placed directly onto the paper stock. But so is not the case with this method, and therefore their finished results are far more attractive and polished.

Prints large quantities economically: This is one of the most cost-effective variants of printing out bulk orders. The cost incurred in each copy decreases with the increase in the impressions needed to be printed. This is the prime reason why offset printing is majorly used for large organizations where there are bulk requirements. This method is arguably the most affordable method used for producing premium quality prints.

Consistent superior printing: In the process of offset printing, the rubber blanket conforms to the texture of the surface on which it is to be printed and thus the final output comes out looking a lot sharper and cleaner than many other methods, such as the letterpress method. The quality of prints produced by offset printing machines is even better than their digital counterparts as these machines use ink instead of toner. The printouts from these machines have extremely fine lines and rich color scheme. Moreover, in this method the printed materials dry rapidly after they are fully completed. These items usually dry within minutes, thereby enabling companies to avail high quality prints within a set deadline. The color reproduction in offset printing is accurate, crisp and all-rounded, making it an ideal method to print professional grade items.

Higher longevity period: Offset printing equipment, such as Adast Printing Machine and machinery from other renowned brands continue to perform excellently without the need of any regular maintenance. There is no direct contact between the plate and the printing surface in this process, and therefore the plates do not suffer from the risks of high wear and tear. Good quality plates that are used with optimized ink and fountain solution are quite likely to last for more than a million impressions.  

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Reasons for choosing the Offset Printer for your printing business

In commercial printing offset printing is widely used because of the many extraordinary advantages that it offers. In fact, as per a recent survey it has been found that more than 40% print jobs are carried out using offset printing.

Mentioned below are some of the advantages that offset printing offers:

Even though this printing process necessitates a large investment in set up and equipment but once the infrastructure is ready, offset printing is comparatively reasonable. Moreover, when you print a large batch of products, the unit cost goes down drastically.


Offset printing provides high quality images and can work on a varied range of printing surfaces such as wood, paper, metal, cloth, leather, plastic and rough paper.


Offset printing is known to conquer each aspect starting from influencing teaching via the printing of periodicals, books and other study material to the packing industry by imaginative printing of packages for goods.

The contemporary offset printers now days use computer- to- plate methods in contrast to the traditional computer- to- film work flows which increases the print quality further.

Offset printing does not transfer the ink directly from any material on the paper. Because the ink does not have to move, offset printing becomes extremely precise and detail oriented, especially when it comes to color printing.

In case you are still not sure as to which one to choose: offset printing machines or digital ones, go through the following points:

In case you want to get large quantities of prints; then you must select the offset printing. This is because the unit cost will go down as the quantities increase.

In case you are looking for more flexibility in printing like you want printing on an unusual surface; then you should opt for offset printing. This method of printing facilitates printing on varied surfaces such as linen, wood etc.

Do you need black ink or one or two ink colors? Then choose offset printing as it offers a more economical solution. On the other hand, if you need four- color printing then choose digital presses.

If you need a long print run of an item with no adaptable information, then offset printing is the best option available as this can get the prints done fast when the press is all set because offset presses usually run faster.

Digital printing can be the perfect solution for some people, but for most, computer- to- plate offset printing always yields the superior result in print quality.

  • So, if you would like to save money, then printing in two colors is an economical way of reducing costs while keeping the quality intact by using the offset printer. In fact the experts say that even though digital print quality has improved, it still cannot match the quality of offset. Now, if you need to print your materials on demand and the content is flexible, offset is the best and most economical method for your job.

    Among the popular offset machines, Polly 745 is mostly preferred by customers for its ease of operation and excellent print quality.
Source: http://www.machinesdealer.com/heidelberg.php

Things you need to know before you buy a second-hand offset printing machine?

Investing in an offset printer is quite a huge investment and so it is important to find out if you actually need to invest in it. Another very important thing that you need to check is whether you have enough space to keep this printing machine.

If you have plans to buy a printing machine and want to know the important points that you need to keep in mind before you buy it, then you can go through the list given below:

The price of the printing machine is one of the most important things that you need to consider before you buy it. It is first important to evaluate all the available options and only after comparing the prices of the different printing machines, you should go ahead and buy a printer that is most suitable for you.

It is very important to buy the printer from an established brand so that they have a proper service back up. In fact, it is better to track the earlier record of the manufacturer before you buy the Offset Printing Machines.

Before you buy the printing machine, you need to check its compatibility with the CTP machine. This will save you from facing any hassles while printing in future.

It is very crucial for a printing press to be versatile and so in order to ensure that the printing machine that you buy is future ready, it is better to check if it is able to handle a number of substrates together.

It is also important to find out if your printing press has a good residual value. A printing press with a good residual value can easily be sold off in the future.
Once you check all the above-mentioned points, the next thing that you need to decide is whether you want to buy a new printing machine or an old one. If you are planning to buy a second-hand printing machine from a reputed manufacturer, then you need to check certain points. If you are interested to know about these points in details, then you can go through the list given below:

First, you need to check if the offset printing machine is able to perform well both in terms of substrate and also in terms of speed.

Then you need to perform a print contrast test

You then need to check for the dot gain and slur

Another very important point that you need to keep in mind before you buy a second-hand printing machine is that you should never buy a faulty machine, just because you are getting it at a low price. It is important to ensure that before you pay for the machine; all the discrepancies of the machine should be removed.

  • If you buy a printing machine keeping in mind, all the above-mentioned points then you will be able to get good value for your money. Heidelberg is one of the most popular manufacturers of Offset printing machines and so buying a used Heidelberg Printing Machines will definitely be a good idea.



Source: http://www.machinesdealer.com